February 1st, 2002



I wish my legs weren't so fat.

I wish my stomach wasn't so far either, but at least that i can suck in. I'll probably look a little better dancing once i learn to remember to suck it in all the time.

I wish my hair was nicer. I wish it was either straighter and smoother or had enough body to be interesting. Kialyn has nice hair, Gloyryn has wonderful hair.

I wish my face... i don't what my face needs to be to be better, but it needs to be something.

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Right _now_ would be a great time to be at a club. I enjoy it the most when i'm really angry or really bouncy.

The problem is of course that if i left right now i don't know what mood i would be in when i got there, or what mood i would be in by the time the club ended. I can never tell how long any particular mood is going to last, it might be minutes or days, though usually it restricts it self to more than an hour and less than a day.

And for some reason despite feeling bouncy and active, i don't really feel like _going_ anywhere. If i still feel like this in a little bit i may go to Borders to hang out there for a bit.

I don't know if my chances of meeting girls is any better when i'm feeling energetic and bouncy , but it feels like they are =)
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Today went pretty well, except for the fact that i didn't get much work done =P

I was quite happy when a group of my coworkers came through the programmer section asking if anyone was interested in going to Mitsuwa for lunch. Mitsuwa is like a mine Japanese shopping mall. It's got a standard sized supermarket that specializes in lots of asian food and stuff, and then about the same size area again that has several little resturants and a couple of stores that sell interesting things and a book store.

I suppose that's one of the advantages of not having an office, it makes it harder for people to just incidentally ignore you.

So i of course voluntered to go along. I got a bento box type thing for lunch, although i couldn't finish it all because i'd actually had breakfast this morning, unsuspecting of the lurking lunch.

Most of us went and looked through the bookstore after that. I couldn't find any Dragon Quest manga =( Of course even if i had i wouldn't have remembered which ones i still need to get. I need to reinventory my manga and go back and look again at some point.

So good happy lunch, yay! =)
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