January 22nd, 2002



Leroa, you so just )_barely_ missed out. If i hadn't "met" this person and gotten to know a little of how she works several days before Big Red and i made you that challenge, i would _so_ be bowing down before you and pretending to worship you as a goddess right now =)

Hell, you deserve the bow regardless *bows.* The pretending to worship you like a goddess will still have to wait for a completely post-challenege verification though ;)
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I managed to arrive at almost exactly the right time. I left at just after 5:30 and got there about 7:30.

We met at a coffee bar/bakery and had drinks and a snack.

We spent about two hours talking. She's a musicologist who focuses on Russian music, so we started out talking about music. We then moved onto music in general, the recording industry, and then moved on to various other social and political topics, usually discussing them from a socialist perspective =)

We seem to have a lot of the same views on things, with just enough difference to make discussions interesting =)

After we'd been sitting there for awhile we staretd discussing what we should do next. She said that she'd like to go back to her place, but her apartmentmate was home at the time and she objects to guys getting brought back to the apartment while she's there =(

We finally decided to drive over to the beach and take a walk. We started at the Santa Monica mall and walked about halfway to Venice Beach before we turned around and came back. We talked about a lot of things, some of the same thingsf, but also sex and relationships.

We were just walking along on the way back when she turned to me and asked "So do you want to kiss me?" and we kissed *purrr*

We walked back the rest of the way, and then i drove her back to her apartment and we kissed in the car for a minute or two before i droped her off.

We haven't figured out an exact time or place yet, but she wants to get together this sunday for another date =)
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