January 19th, 2002



Went clubbing tonight, lots of cute girls as usual. A cute redhead that danced near me once or twice, but it was probably acidental. A cute asian girl who was dancing up on one of the platform things. Say a Allyn look-alike, though i don't know if it's the same one i saw two(?) weeks ago or someone else that looks similar to her.

Towards the end of the night i got sick of trying to figure out who might be safe to hit on and who wasn't. Got tired of trying to figure out if that girl had moved away from me intentionally or by accident, or if she'd moved towards me intentionally or by accident, or if she smiled at me whether or not i should do anything besides smile back, so i made a game for myself.

At one point the dance floor was mostly empty, so i went out and staked out one of the black squares on the tile/linoleum/whatever it is. I paced it out, and it was exactly four "feet" (meaning my feet) to a side. More than i can occupy just standing there, but not an unreasonably large space when dancing actively.

I figured i would stay in that square and discourage guys from entering, and encourage girls. If guys came near, i danced on that edge of the square, if a girl came near, i move to the other side to make room for them. If a girl entered the square, i would smile and flirt with her in teh stupid donaithnen way. Girls not near the square i would maybe smile at but otherwise not worry about.

I'm not sure what results i was expecting of this, but they were strange.

Girls seemed to psychically know the square was there, they would dance towards me and then stop at the edge and then move away. The two exceptions were some active wanderers who criss-crossed the floor, and didn't really seem to pay any attention to my "flirting."

Guys however would continuously mvoe into the square. I would be covering one side to keep someone out, and a guy would come in the other side. After awhile i started getting pissed and started "accidently" stepping on peoples toes. The guys would move away, and then a few minutes later the _same_ people would be back doing it again. You would think that even if they didn't figure out the square, which i wouldn't expect them to, they would generally learn to avoid _me_ and my immediate area, but no such luck. After awhile i felt like throtling someone.

The girls are avoding me and the guys are tripping over me, sigh.
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Where are all the women?

Did some random shopping today. Stopped by Trader Joe's and got _way_ too much stuff.

Yes diet coke is artificial and bad for me, but are chocolate covered espresso beans any better? =)

After that i went to Border's and got some books. I saw two cute girls in the science fiction section, but both of them were with guys.

After i bought the books i went to the cafe area. There were a few cute girls there, but there were two or three times as many guys, and all the seats were taken anyway. I think my only option would be to go there before sometime when i expected lots of people to show up and grab a seat before hand.

So where are all the girls?

I go to a club, and there are more guys than girls. I go to Borders and there are more guys than girls. I log onto Nerve and there are more guys than girls. Girls are supposed to be 51 or 52 or some such percent of the population aren't they? So where are all the others hiding?

Where do girls go when they're looking for guys? Where do girls go when they're not looking for guys? It seems that unless there are a lot more girls staying home and doing nothing than there are guys, that there out to be someplace where the ratio is reversed.

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Apparently either there is a cute girl who lives in the apartment next door to us, or there is a cute girl who is the friend of the people in the apartment next door to us.

When i came back from Borders Two girls had just come out of the other apartment, so i waited at the bottom of the stairs for them to go past. As they walked by the not quite as cute one smiled at me and said thanks, which is probably about as much interaction with i'll ever have with either of them.