January 16th, 2002



I had two very interesting dreams last night. I woke up from the first one and thought, hey, that was cool, i should write that down tomorrow. The second one i woke up and thought, that was almost as cool as the first dream.

Of coruse by the time i got out of the shower i'd mostly forgotten both of them =(

The only thing i remember about the first one is that at least part of it involved a panda. The second one involved soem school like place, and had some kind of complicated storyline going on.

Sigh, i wish i could remember dreams, for that matter, i wish i could remember things period =P


Comments, documentation, do these words mean nothing to you guys?!?

I sometimes thought we slacked more than we should have at westwood, but that was comment heaven compared to this!

The first time i opened up SourceSafe i couldn't beleive that more than 90% of the checkins had _no_ comments at all!

The same ratio seems to hold true in the code itself, and one of my coworkers just came over to explain some tools that i may end up working on, and he described this intricate system of data files that is maintained my numerous tools none of which apparently have any documentation (and a\the code for which as previously noted is mostly sans comments)

Oh, and there is o method of control for checkins. No one you have to check with, no semaphore you need to get. People kind of know generally when someone is checking in.

"I just did a get and Blah doesn't compile!" "Oh, I think whosie is checking in about now, try doing another get in five minutes."

This conversation or something similar has happened multiple times in my hearing in the past three days.
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