January 15th, 2002


Tests! =)

Thanks to tiercel

# 2 Epona's Wild Daughter
# 3 Taitin the Sylph
# 4 Luathas the Wild
# 5 The Faery who was Kissed by the Pixies
# 6 Rarr
# 7 Tobaira of the Waters
# 8 Bright Mother
# 9 Not a Faery
# 10 Iris of the Rainbow
# 11 Spirit Dancer

Go Faeries!!


(no subject)

Finished watching Rayearth season 2 last night. It was cool =)

I kinda wish i could have watched the rest of it with Aina, it was nice being able to watch the first several episodes together, but i guess it just wasn't meant to be =/


I wish there was a boxed set of subbed DBZ out right now. I want something to get blown up and exploded and stuff.

Could watch the last bit of Rayearth i suppose, there's some decent blowing upping going on there, although the end is a little depressing. Same for Escaflowne.

Wonder if i have any other destructive anime or movies.
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