January 3rd, 2002


Things i learned or had reinforced at new years

I am asocial and acultural.

Leroa and Some_Kitten and Shawkial are very nice. The host of the party was pretty cool too.

It's fun making people think you're weird by going out in 20 degree (Farenheit) weather in shorts and a t-shirt =)

I'm much better at dealing with one or two people at a time than with large groups. A slightly larger group seems to work out okay if i know the people in it better than average (by my standards) but even that can still get a little stressfull. However a large group is better than no group at all.

I seem to have a survival mode when under stress in which i don't sleep much and don't eat much, but don't seem to feel any ill effects. Of course when i got home i found that i now weigh 185 pounds instead of the 175 from before christmas, so perhaps it involves a low-metabolism, which would account for the little food, and would be a bad side effect.

That's not my only reaction to stress, but other than the possible weight gain it's a pretty good one.

It's nice to have a lot of people around who are at least willing to spend time hanging out with me. I wish i had a more similar social background though so i could get along with them better.

One type of stress can distract from another type of stress, but that's not a good long term solution to things.

I got to try lots of cool new games. Fred, Martian Chess, Chez Geek, The Big Idea. I missed out on Cosmic Encounters because there was other more interesting stuff going on, and i have my own copy of the game (which i haven't actually played yet =) although i've been told that the new version isn't as good.

I also missed out on Hitchhiker Mao(sp) for the same reason, although in that case the choice wasn't really a matter of question at all. I was already under enough social stress, why make it any worse by intentionally adding artificial stress?

The stairs there are dangerous. I managed to ram my chest into one of the square sticky out things on top of the corner posts, which hurt, but wasn't serious. Shawkial however managed to trip on another set of stairs and cut open her foot and got a piece of bone chipped off =(

She said it was probably cause she was wearing socks and the stairs were dusty. I was the one responsible for sweeping those stairs before the party. I thought that i got all the dust off, but maybe i didn't =(

Shawkail said that Gwri and i were being obnoxiously helpful on the way home from the part (all three of us had the same flight(s) back) I guess i would rather be obnoxiously helpful than obnoxiously unhelpful. Or more generally, i'd rather be seen as incompetent than as uncaring.

Check your tires when you get back from a long trip. Luckily someone at the airport when i went back to get Shawkial and Gwri noticed the flat tire that i hadn't.

There's probably a lot more, but that's what's floating around in my head right now.


I find this amusing given how much he was talked about at the party =)

Thanks trysha!

You are Legolas

Legolas - Image Copyright New Line Cinema

Legolas represented the Elves in the Fellowship of the Ring. Skilled as a warrior with both bow and knife, he eventually became unlikely friends with Gimli the Dwarf.

*thinks of Akiko, "special friends" and bursts out laughing* =)

The LotR test

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I've never actually seen this, i just took the test cause of akiko and kirinn =)

Thanks to lokechild for finding it for me =)

You're Ken.

You're just the cute blushing and innocent average boy next-door. Despite owning a pair of razor sharp Wolverine-like claws you seem to feel guilty over what you do at your job (ya know, that...night job you're trying to convince yourself you *need* to be at) due to your extremely pure conscience! When you're not working in the shop, or running night-time errands you're most likely outside playing soccer, or teaching little kids to play... or even helping out a nun!
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Job stuff

The (only) company i interviewed at called this morning and said they want to offer me a job. This continues the trend of me feeling really rushed about this whole thing.

If things had ideally gone the way i wanted them too, i would just now be starting to think about sending out resumes to companies i was interested in, instead i have to make a very important decision with lots of potential repercusions fairly quickly.

For one thing, they're offering me about 57k a year. I was making 55k at Westwood, and i was up for salary review in March. If i had gotten the same raise as i did last year, i would have been pretty close to 59k, so i'm wondering if they might change their offer if i point that out to them. It's possible that if i applied to several different companies i might get an offer even better than that.

For another, there is one other EA office in southern california as far as i can tell, and if i got a job there i might get to keep my stock options, which would be nice.

I'm also not sure that i'm very interested in the particular project they're working on, although i am interested in working on consoles in general.

However the job market isn't exactly great at the momment, and it might be very foolish of me to reject this offer when i don't have anything else available right now.

I hate decisions.
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FFX Test

I haven't even played the game yet. I haven't even finished eight or started nine yet! How do i get sucked into these things??? It's all sol_rei's fault!!!! ;)

You're Yuna. You're hardworking and honest, and therefore a little naive. You can easily be lied to, but in the end your friends will look out for you. Kind and loving you'd never hurt a fly. You'd be willing to do anything to help others.
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