November 24th, 2001


Life is so weird

I went out to the riverside club tonight.

While i was driving there i realized that i didn't really care about what happened at the club. My brain was filled with thoughts of Kialyn and hope that something might work out between us. When i went inside the club i found that the girls aren't as cute as they normally were, which is strange, because it was a lot of the same people. Somehow compared to Kialyn they just didn't have the power to grip my mind anymore.

However since i figured that even if i wasn't interested in anything more than that it would still be nice to be able to dance with some girls, so i acted the same as i always have. I smiled at the girls i thought were cute, and one of them smiled back at me and started dancing with me!

It was pretty up close and personal dancing, although she did the same thing with a couple of other people, and more often than with me. She danced with me two or three times throughout the night, for a minute or two each time.

When the club closed i asked her outside what her name was, she said "Michelle," and i said hi and told her my name. She kind of smiled, but she was hanging out with some friends (including a couple of the other people she'd been dancing with) so i didn't try to have any more of a conversation than that.

I don't know if i should have been more aggresive or less aggresive with her, both in the way i danced with her and how much i danced with her, and about talking to her afterwards. I don't know how to tell those things, i'm just glad that she was fairly aggresive about indicating that she wanted to dance with me =)

All the other girls besides her ignored me of course =)

My Doc Martins obviously hadn't been broken in at all, so after about the first hour my heels really started hurting, apparently they were rubbing against the shoes in a bad way. I'm not sure if that was just because the shoes aren't broken in, or because i got shoes that were too tight or too lose. I don't know which way causes blisters. They probably could be a little tighter front to back, but the size tens were squishing my feet sideways about as much as i thought i could stand. I have fat feet =)

My right heel seems to have a big raw sore spot with the flap of skin attached on the bottom edge. My left heel is missing the flap of skin =)

I got some napkins from the bar and put some over my heels inside my sock, and some more between the socks and the shoes. It still hurt, but between that and being careful about exactly what i did i could keep dancing. It wasn't quite as active as it normally was though, so i wasn't quite so icky and sweaty when i got home =)
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Ow my feet hurt today.

Yesterday before i went clubing i drove my sister and her boyfriend to the supermarket and the video store. She said that she wanted to go to a sports store today to get new brakes for her rollerblades. I said that she should go ahead and call me when she wanted to go.

She called about 1pm (i got to bed about 7) and said that they also wanted to go to the pet store to get bedding for her rats. I told her that i'd be there by 2, i was planing on getting everything done by three since thats when i figured that Morna would be getting out of work. I'd send her email last night asking if she'd be able to do anything while Bricriu was picking Kialyn up in LA.

It was raining a lot when i finally got out of bed, and i figured that i should wear shoes instead of birkenstocks. Geez they hurt when i put them on. I spent the whole day walking kind of sideways in an effort not to bang my heels.

I showed up at my sisters place a little after 2 since i was limping, and she said that they wanted to stop by the video store and return the video since they hadn't had time to do that before it started raining.

We went to the pet store and that didn't take too long, we went to the video store and that didn't take too long. We went to the sports store, and when we got there they realized that there was an office depot in the same lot and they wanted to get stuff there.

My sister dithered around in the sports store looking at various wheels and brakes and ballbearings and stuff, and it passed 3. She dithered around in office depot looking at staplers and pens and PDAs and stuff, and it passed 3:30. I finally pried them away and droped them off back at the dorm.

I got home at 4 and there was a message from Morna. Well, kind of a message. She told Gwri to tell me that she'd called. She had apparently called at 3:50, just ten or fifteen minutes before i got home, and i didn't know why she'd called =(

I checked online, but she wasn't there, i agaonized about it for a few minuted and then tried calling her apartment, but nobody answered.

I don't know if she wanted to do something and i should keep trying to get ahold of her, or if she wanted to tell me that she couldn't do anything today and i should make plans with other people.

I don't know what's going on and it upsets me =(

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Yay! My feet feel better!

I got a call from Kialyn a little after five saying that Bricriu didn't feel up to picking her up from her relatives place and asking if i could come get her. She said multiple times that i did't have to if i didn't want to, and i told her multiple times that i would be happy to do so =) She promised to take me out to dinner in thanks.

One of the two lanes on the road to the freeway had flooded in one spot, so traffic really sucked till i got past there, and the freeway was jammed up at one point, but other than that it was a pretty quick trip.

Kialyn met me outside while i was wandering around trying to figure out which was the right house, and i came inside and said hi to her relatives for a few minutes while she got her stuff.

We talked while i drove us back, and traffic was much better going the other way. When we got back we went to eat at a yummy Peruvian place. Towards the end of dinner i managed to sneak my wallet out of my pocket without her noticing, and when the waitress put the bill down on the table i whiped out my credit card and put it down on the check before the waitress had finished putting it down and while Kialyn's hands were still on the way to her pocket =)

Kialyn decided that since i'd foiled her one attempt to repay me, and it wasn't very late yet since traffic had been light, that she should go back to the apartment and give me a backrub, which was very nice =)

After that we watched some anime with Shawkial. A few minutes into the first episode of Nadesico i noticed that the backs of my socks had been stained yellow. When Kialyn saw this she objected to my "just put clean socks on" method of bandaging my wounds. She took the socks off, rubbed my heels with alcohol (ow!) and put neosporin or something similar and bandages on them. *feels coddled and cared for* =)

I drove Kialyn vack to her dorm after two episodes of Nadesico, and since the rain had stopped awhile ago i wore birkenstocks instead of shoes. Between the bandages and hte lack of shoes my feet feel wonderful now =)

Now i'm just worried about Kialyn and Morna =/ Kialyn was going to have a talk with Morna and Bricriu and i'm not sure how it's going to go. I hope Morna and Kialyn are both okay.
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