November 19th, 2001



I hung out around the apartment for awhile and finished off the book i was reading for the first part of the day.

After that for some reason i couldn't motivate myself to play any games or start a new book. After awhile i decided to go to Border's and look for some new books.

I started out in the other direction though so that i could drop off a late video, and since i was over there anyway, stopped by the Wherehouse. They didn't have any of the CDs i was looking for, but i bought a DVD of the Hobbit (the same video that i'd just dropped off =)

Then i stopped by the Albertson's on the way home to deposit my paycheck. I noticed that i was starting to feel really woozy. I'd had some ramen earlier in the day, but other than that all i'd had to eat was a lot of runts =) So i decided that rather than going to Border's righ then i should get some food first, but i didn't feel like going alone.

I went back to the apartment and tried calling Allyn but she wasn't there, so i tried calling Kialyn but she wasn't there, so i asked Shawkial if she was interested in going to get some food, and she said yes. So she took and order from Gwri and we went to Del Taco.

The cashier there said that i looked like Steven King, which is kind of strange. Shawkial and i ate our food, and talked about how messed up my life is =) and then ordered Gwri's food to go.

I watched Shawkial play Snood for a little bit after that (which has got to be the biggest waste of time ever =) before deciding to go out and get to my original goal of Border's. They didn't have any of the books i wanted, but they had new Ranma graphic novels and some Battle Angel Alita graphic novels that i didn't have. No new Dragonball Z graphic novels though.

Apparently they were still doing some Vetran's day sale thing, so since i spent over $50 i got $5 off, so it "only" came to $80 total =)

Unfortunatly i want to reread at least part of Ranma before reading the new novels since the ones i got were #15 #16 and #17, and some of my Ranma is still in some box in storage.

Battle Angel Alita gets the award for worst documented sequencing of it's novels. Most of the novels have any indication of where they come in the series. The last one has an ordered list of all the novels, but several of the other later ones have a partially randomized list, thanks a lot guys. Apparently i'd managed to miss on of the novels in my progression, which explains why there was a big break in the storlyine that i didn't really understand.

I was going through them in the store trying to sort out what the order was, and noticed that there seemed to be two #3s. It turns out that I had gotten the one labled (in normal sized letters on one of the inside pages mixed in with lots of other text) "this contains Battle Angel Alita Part Three #7 - #13," so i figured that it was #3. Turns out that there is another one with the label "this contains Battle Angel Alita Part Three #1 - #5" which i had miised the last time i'd scaned through them. The more observant will be wondering what happened to Battle Angel Alita Part Three #6. I have no idea. I guess that "Part One" was entirely contained within the first novel, and "Part Two" entirely in the second. After the "Fourth" novel (Part Two of Part Three) i believe that they went back to a numbering based on the number of graphic novels, which makes it all more confusing.


I got up early today so i could get to work and get done as soon as possible, which i've been doing only moderatly well at. I didn't get here as early as i would have liked because there was a huge amount of traffic. I also keep getting distracted reading up on game news =)

Along with getting some work done that i was behind on, there was an auction going on for some old stuff from the audio department that ended at noon today. I was trying to get two items, a tuner, and a synthesizer. Of course since it was being done over email and there was a set time limit at about 11:55 it all turned into an ebay type frenzy =/

I ended up getting the synthesizer for a heafty chunk of change, but missed out on the tuner, which would have been a lot cheaper =(


I touch the fire, and it freezes me
I look into it, and it's black
What can't i feel?
My skin should crack and peel
I want the fire back

So i will
Walk thought the fire
'Cause where else can i turn?
I will
Walk through the fire
And let it burn
Let it burn
Let it burn
And let it burn!

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It sucks somehow knowing what the truth is, but not being able to confirm it. And after enough pressure they finally tell you that the sugar coating was just that, and you were right about everything.

I'm supposed to be dense or something aren't i? I shouldn't be able to figure those things out unless people tell me.
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