November 12th, 2001



I was telling myself that if after scheduling another trip to Boston, there was some other terrorist act or acident or something that shut down the airports, i should take it as a sign that for whatever reason, i wasn't supposed to go to boston.

However this is way to early to interfere with my travel plans, and doesn't involve boston, so i don't think i can take the blame for jinxing things =/

One week

In one week:

The X-Box will have been released (blech)
The Harry Potter movie will have opened (and i'll get to see it opening day thanks to work =)
My company will have had it's annual holiday party (boring, and a bit early if you ask me)
The GameCube will have been released (Woohoo!)
My vacation will have started (time to play with GameCube! Woohoo!)
I will hopefully have finished my first real task on the new project (*worries*)

All in all it's going to be a very interesting week.