November 10th, 2001



I got to sleep at about 1:30 or 2 thursday night. This time i remembered to set my alarm correctly, and got up at 5am.

I was lying in bed trying to motivate myself to get out of bed when the radio station i have me alarm set to started doing a really funny skit on Harry Potter. It starts out sounding like one of the radio commericals for the movie byut quickly diverges

""Oppening in theatres soon, the amazing story of boy....
'You're a wizard Harry Potter'
'I'm a _what_?'
a boy who couldn't understand what he was...
'A wizard Harry'
'A _what_?'
"you're not a muggle, you're a wizard!'
'I'm not a _what_, I'm a _what_?'
'Have you got crap in your ears Harry?!'
'Have I got _what_ in my _what_?'"

With several more iterations that i can't remember, with even more commentary intersperced that i don't remember, and finally ended with "If you've bought the books, the merchandise, or the hype, you need to see this movie." I can't really do it justice here, i just wish i could find a script or recording of it somewhere on the net =)

So anyway, after lying there listening to that, i was in a pretty good mood about being up so early, and went to take a shower. I actually got out of the apartment at just after 6:00. The freeway traffic was a little congested, but not too bad. I stopped off at a donut store on my way there, because it was my turn this week to get the friday donuts. I got to work about 7:30, played some Civ3 and won for the first time, and then got to work.

I got a decent amount of work done today, but i'm still behind. I was thinking of going in today and working some, I may go have lunch with Allyn, so i'm thinking i'll go in on sunday if i go in at all. The new code base is much more complex than the old one, and it's making my head spin =P

When i got home Gwri's new boss was visiting, so i hung out in my bedroom for while. (Our apartment looks messy enough without me sprawled out on the couch playing video games =)

When i came back out later he'd left, so i started playing Alpha Centauri on my computer. I'd be playing Civ3 if i could get the bloody thing to work =P

Then Shawkial asked if we could watch a movie of some kind and after a limited amount of debate, we settled on X-Men. About a quarter of the way through the PS2 started having problems playing it =/ I need to get a new DVD player at some point, i don't know if the X-Men DVD got damaged at some point, or if the DVD reading quality has plumeted from it's previous stellar hights but it just seems to be able to read less and less movies as time goes on.

I was kind of tired, and went into my room to lie down a little after 11, and fell asleep almost right away. I woke up at about 9, so that should be a decent amount of sleep =)

Plane Tickets

Oh, the other big thing I did yesterday. I'd been looking at the America West website to get some tickets to go visit people in Boston during my vacation in November.

I lot of the flights around thanksgiving were booked up (duh =) and the first flights after that left on the 27th. Starting form then, the first day that Yahoo Travel showed for return was Monday December 3rd. I talked to my bosses about it, and they said I could have one more day of PTO off.

So the next day I loaded up the America West site to try and order the flights. They didn't have a "cheapest flights" option like Yahoo Travel did, i had to put the specific dates in that i wanted having gotten them off the Yahoo site. But then i decided to put a return of Dec 2nd, just to see what i get. I find that there is a flgith leaving teh same time a day earlier, and the tickets only cost $30 more, so I decided to get that one. However the America West web page didn't have an option for using credit you have with the company, so I called them up.

The first person asked for my confirmation code (apparently the credit was stored in the same place as my previous flight had been in the data base) and then put me on hold for a little bit, and then told me that she was transfering me to a supervisor. I'm not sure why that was necessary, but in the long run it turned out to be a good thing.

The supervisor asked if i was still flying to Boston, the same as the previous tickets, and i said yes, so she asked me for the dates and flight numbers which i gave her, and she asked/assumed that the people i'd talked to before had said that there would be no fee for changing the reservation, and i said yeah =)

Then i said something about how i'd have to pay the extra $30 by credit card, and she asked me how much the price i was getting online was, and i told her $331.00 or something like that, and she said on her end the price was $420 or $440 or something like that. I asked her if there was anyway i could orer the tickets online to get the online price and then apply my credit. She said that there wasn't, but that since she was a manager, and i'd been so nice, she'd just give me the flight for the amount of credit i had! So the flight didn't even end up costing the $30 more that i had expected! =)

So i told my bosses that i'd managed to rearange things so that i didn't need the PTO off anymore, which is hopefully good for a little positive credit =)

Now i just need to get flights for christmas/new years worked out, i need to do that soon =P