November 8th, 2001



There was a lot of traffic on the freeway this morning =P It wasn't as bad as it could have been, since there was a cute girl in the next lane over for a lot of it. Of course i'm not sure if there's anything more depressing and hopeless than seeing an attractive woman on the freeway =)
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Morna told me that there was a SoCalPoly munch tonight that she and Kialyn were thinking about going to. Well, she'd actually told me tuesday or wednesday night, but forgotten to send me the email then, so when the subject came up again i reminded her. (yes, i could have looked it up myself, but i'm _so_ far behind in that list)

I got the email at about 6 or 6:10, and left work sometime between 6:15 and 6:30. It was in LA, so i had to take the 5 during rush hour =P I spent twenty or thirty minutes going the last two or three miles on the 5 before the exit for the 101 =P

I got to the resturant a little after 7:30, and found that there were only about five other people there so far, apparently everyone else had got caught in traffic too. After another 15 or thirty minutes everyone else showed up except for Morna and Kialyn. They didn't show up all night, and i'm a little worried =(

We all got yummy food, and sat around talking. I hadn't had the chance to hang out with any of these people for a couple of months. I'd been to a munch at this place before, and last time i'd felt really akward and alone, this time strangely though, i felt kind of comfortable, and managed to chat with people some. I got two backrubs while i was there =) (and gave two of course =)

Everything wrapped up about 10, and when i was heading home, i felt blank, but in a good way. Kind of a happy relaxed blank. I don't really have enough of the right words to describe the various ways i can feel blank. Empty hollow blank. Depressed unhappy blank. Devastated blank. Furious angry blank. Dead blank. Happy relaxed blank is a nice change =)
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