October 9th, 2001



I left work at 7:45 so traffic was fairly light, and i got home in _30 minutes!_

The only problem with this is that there have been days where i have left work at 7 or 7:15 and gotten home at 8:15. Were those days just worse than usual traffic? Or was today better than usual traffic?

Or if i had looked behind me on those days would i have seen that i was on the very end of the traffic jam and the freeway was wide open behind me? =)

Sometimes it feels like that. I've wondered if i should keep track of departure and arrival times, and make a little chart. It would probably show that for every two minutes later i leave, i arrive one minute later, or something along those lines =)

I've never really understood how traffic works anyway.
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Oh, and

when i got home i checked my scale, and i weigh less! *bounce!*

Of course i immediatly made up for it be having a dinner that consisted of cambazola cheese and french bread. Ah well, such is life =)

This weekend (or maybe this week if i come home early one evening) i'm going to get my stuff out of storage, and i'm going ot get my rollerblades, and i'm going to exercise! =)
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Last night

while i was trying to go to bed, i got a very hollow empty feeling in my chest. The kind of thing you get when you feel like you're missing or forgetting something very important, something that you desperatly need, something that will make your life horible if you don't find it and fix it and put it back where it belongs.

I don't know what really causes it or how to fix it. It just makes me feel very lonely and incomplete and afraid though, and makes me wish that i could curl up and make it all go away.
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So how long should my hair be? I recently got about three inches cut off to deal with split ends, and it now hangs down to about mid-breastbone.

Allyn thinks that I should get it cut down to about shoulder length, she thinks i would look sexier that way.

Kialyn says she likes guys with long hair.

Morna hasn't been very specific, but I got the impression that she might have a tendency towards long hair, though i don't know how long.

Just wondering what other people thought. Answers based on knowing me and what i look like, or just general answers about hair length in general would be equally appreciated =)
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