October 5th, 2001



There was no traffic on the road today!

Well ok, there was traffic, but for the most part no slow down. I got to work in 35 minutes!! =)

If only my commute could be like that every day =)

Oh, and my computer isn't smelling as bad as it did yesterday. Maybe something just got caught somewhere and was burning, and it will get better now?

Either that or my car is going to spontaneously explode at some point in the next week =)
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Hobbit Names

My hobbit name is either

Minto Took of Great Smials
Ponto Took of Great Smials

depending on whether i use my full first name or not.

Kind of weird and boring if you ask me.
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I think it's busted

Despite answering nicely on all the questions, yes i value human life, yes i would save a turtle, while changing some of the answers I was flip-floppy on, i kept getting things like The Terminator and Roy Batty.

So i figured the whole thing is screwed, and answered the exact opposite of what i normally would, and game out with

Click here to find out what robot you really are

Which isn't perfect, but it's a vast improvement =)