October 3rd, 2001


Theme song

Okay, any multiple choice questionaire that's trying to base things off of my musical tastes is doomed to failure =)

The Emode Theme Song Test doesn't have all the answers i want, and it only lets you pick one anyways. (Thanks to sol_rei for the link.)

The first time through it said my theme song was "I Feel Good," which I didn't like very much. So I took the test again, and answered the second set of choices for every one where i'd had to flip a coin, and came out with "Back In Black," which I like a little better, althougn the description is nothing like me.

"You're a hard-core guy who knows what he wants and intends to get it. That's why your theme song is "Back in Black." Whether you're pumping iron, shooting pick-up hoops, or rounding up the boys for a night of havoc, AC/DC's metal classic is the perfect tune to get you fired up and blow your speakers out in the process. Your friends might think you're a little reckless sometimes, but you know where the limit is. If you're the loudest one in the room, or spill someone's drink with a fearless air guitar, it's nothing to be ashamed of. What's fun without a little mayhem thrown into the mix? So grab something leather, play drums on your desk, and yell at the moon. You've got some hell to raise and head banging to do. Let "Back in Black" accompany you to the edge and back."

That probably fits a little bit more than the "I Feel Good" description though. "All Star" might be a decent one for me, both for song and description, don't know.

Perhaps i should just stick with "Force Ten" or "Dreamline" or something similar =)
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