June 3rd, 2001



Found this on a friend's LJ.


Type Score
Four 16
Nine 15
Five 11
Seven 11
Six 8
Two 7
One 6
Eight 6

I have no idea what this section means =)

Preferred Intelligence Triad
Behavioral - 891 2
Emotional - 234 2
Mental - 567 3

Hierarchical Styles Triad
Control - 258 1
Harmony - 369 2
Ideals - 147 4

Coping Styles Triad
Positive - 792 4
Competency - 135 0
Reactive - 468 3

Social Styles Triad
Assertive - 378 0
Compliant - 126 0
Withdrawn - 459 7

Primary Intelligence: Emotional
Coping Style: Reactive
Social Style: Withdrawn
Hierarchical Style: Ideals

Fours tend to live in a private world of their own personal ideals. They are strongly emotional people who react strongly to even little things. In the course of a day, a Four's emotions can jump between extremes. Fours are often concerned with ideal love, longing after a kind of love that they've never experienced outside of the imagination. They also have strong ideals about themselves, which, combined with highly reactive emotions, can lead them to think terribly of themselves. This makes Fours excessively prone to envy, as they see something good in others and berate themselves for not having the same qualities. The strength of Fours is that they can see the best in others. Fours often become artists. November Project seems to be a very Fourish rock group, and the Swedish film maker Ingmar Bergmann is good example of a Four.

Primary Intelligence: Behavioral
Coping Style: Positive
Social Style: Withdrawn
Hierarchical Style: Harmony

Out of a desire to live in harmony with the world, Nines withdraw in an attempt to avoid the misuse of their strong behavioral intelligence. They maintain the illusion of harmony by keeping a positive outlook on life. At their best, Nines help people live in harmony by using their positive outlook on life and their strong behavioral intelligence to find peaceful solutions to people's problems.

Primary Intelligence: Mental
Coping Style: Competency
Social Style: Withdrawn
Hierarchical Style: Control

Seeking control over their lives, Fives seek to increase their competency by withdrawing into their minds to gain knowledge. Fives tend to live in the mental world of ideas rather than in the outside world. They are good at creating systems, but their need to be in control makes it difficult for them to work within systems. They tend to work better outside the system than within it. At their best, Fives understand things more deeply than other people and advance science and human knowledge by sharing their insights. Stephen Hawking is an excellent example of a Five at his best. Although wheelchair-bound and almost completely paralyzed, Hawking lives in his mind, exploring the secrets of the universe.

There are links to some better descriptions on the site, perhaps I will post some of those descriptions later.
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