May 3rd, 2001



My poor car is broken =( It's such a cute little car, it doesn't deserve this =(

I'd noticed that that the engine was acting a little weird the last day or two. It seemed like the engine was reving up a lot higher than it normally needed to in order to get the same results as usual.

At about 2am while I was driving home from visiting people (more on that later) it suddenly swung up into the red while I was trying to go up a hill.

I let the gas out some, and tried shifting down gears, but my speed kept droping. About the time it got to 30 or so, I realzied that it was going to die, and I managed to get off the freeway and get it to the side of an offramp.

When I looked under the hood I couldn't see anything obviously wrong (there was radiator fluid, and oil, and steering fluid, what else is there that can fo wrong with a car? =) except that one part down near the bottom was smoking =(

There was a gas station at the bottom of the ramp, so I walked there and called AAA to get a tow. I managed to get it towed to a service place near home for only $35, and walked and rollerbladed home from there. Got here at about 4:30 or 5:00.

The tow person says that it sounds like the clutch died, which sounds very bad and expensive =(

Other than for that disaster, the rest of the evening went really well. I skipped lunch and got out of work at 6:00, and traffic was fairly light. Met up with my sister and her boyfriend at about 7:30 to go to dinner.

I met Allyn at 9:30, and we went rollerblading for awhile. Then we ran into Bricriu who told us that Morna was busy watching a movie, but that Shawkial was back at the apartment. He also said some things that could have been interpreted as very blatant and obnoxious atempts to hit on Allyn, and given what I know of him, that's how I'm intending to interpret them.

So Allyn and I went back to the apartment, and I introduced her to Shawkial. The two of them seem to get along together pretty well, though I suppose either or both of them might have been faking it, I hope not. It wouldn't make any difference if they didn't, but things are easier this way. I'm happier when my friends like my lovers =)

Allyn and I were planing on spending tomorrow night (tonight now I suppose) together, and I'm damned if I'm going to let a broken car stop me. I'm planing on getting a rental car since a broken clutch will most likely take several days to repair, and I've already sent email to my bosses letting them know about the problem and telling them that I want to take a PTO day off.

Instead of screwing up the day, hopefully this will mean that I'll get to spend even more time with Allyn. I would rather have a working car though and not have to spend the money on repairs. I'm sure I could have found something fun to spend it on with Allyn instead.
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