April 23rd, 2001


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Didn't manage to get around to updating yesterday, I was feeling way too lethargic.

I went to a more nearby club saturday night, and it was okay. A lot smaller than what I've gotten used to, and a lot more people smoking *hack hack cough* I came home smelling like total ick!

I actually tried to talk to one girl while I was there, she actually replied when I spoke to her, but that was about it. I suppose I should look on the bright side, she didn't react with _obvious_ horror and repulsion.

I got home at about 3am, and got to sleep about 4 or 5. I woke up at 3pm, and spent most of the rest of the day not doing much =P

I talked to people online, thought about visiting Morna and/or my other friend, but didn't actually get around to doing so.

Didn't get any cleaning done, didn't do any dishes, didn't play any games, didn't read any books, just sat in front of the computer the whole time, and despite that, didn't manage to update my journal =)

I got to sleep late, about four, and went to work, and actually got a fair amount of stuff done today too!

I also went rollerblading for lunch. I've been going dancing and rollerblading on a semi-regular basis for about three weeks now, but no noticeable difference. I should buy a scale so I can see how many pounds I'm not losing =/
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