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Ok, so i'm not very PC

So first off, the media seems to have real talent for taking pictures of politicians at inoportune times, and love for displaying these pictures as much as possible.

Yahoo news has this problem where if you look at an article, and then hit back to go to the main page, it will often display an old cached version from a few days prior until you hit the refresh key.

So i was looking at some article, and went back to the main page, to see an article from a few days ago, "Court Bans Executions of Retarded," so i hit refresh. It's replaced with an article about Bush's stance on the whole corporate fraud thing, with this picure accompanying
it. My very first thought is: i know that everyone is in love with Bush at the moment (at least everyone that "counts" it seems =/ ) but does he _really_ need special protection from the death penalty *eg*

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