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I think my bank likes me :)

Mostly cause i'm silly. I remembered today that i hadn't paid off my credit card this month. I logged into the website expecting to see notices complaining about overdue fees. However i was suprised to see that payment was due June 14th, but that the amount due was $0.00 :)

It may be just a random glitch, but i wonder if my bank has been paying closer attention to my habits =P

Normally i'll tend to be kind of late paying off my credit card and accumulate more interest than i really should. Hoever i have a large pile of cash in checking, which tends to mean that when i _do_ pay off my bill, i tend to pay off the entire thing at once rather than the minimum payment.

So there is this pile of money in checking which doesn't earn me any interest. I'm effectively loaning it to them to free. Then there is this amount in checking which is costing me money in interest, they're effectively loaning me my own money back to me. This means that for as long as they know i can pay it off at any time i want, they don't actually _want_ me to pay it off.

So either it's just a random glitch, or they're doing their best not to remind me of the amount in my credit card :)

In other money news, i'm thinking about buying some stock. WorldCom seems to be having just a _tad_ of difficulties at the moment, and their stock has plunged down to 20 cents a share from 80 cents a share at closing today. This is down from their height of $15 four or five months ago. I figure if i were to invest $100 for 500 shares at 20 cents each, the worst that could happen would be i would lose $100. However if their stock ever got back up to, say, $5, i would then get $2500 back. I don't _think_ WorldCom is going to entirely poof away, so it might be a interesting long term investment to make. As long as i'm at it, i'm thinking of getting some Akamai stock too. I know a fair number of people to work there who got screwed over by the crash, and i'd kidn of like to buy some as a matter of faith that it will get better and they'll be able to make at least a little something off their shares.

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