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I seem to have driven 150 miles in the past 12 hours. I probably do that on a reasonably frequent basis and just don't notice because i don't usually happen to fill up on gas and reset the tripometer right beforehand.

It's nice to be awake and outside (relatively) in the morning once in awhile.

Watching the sun rise as you speed through the empty plasma of a lonely highway as it winds its way out of LA.
Later, driving between misty "mountains" though a mist of cars.

The morning probably feels special just because i see it so rarely. I've gotten used to that feeling you get at three in the morning that you're the only person that matters in the world because you're the only person that's awake (when that situation is true of course :) On the other hand, given how much time i've been at work recently, the experience of going out in the middle of a sunny day and feeling the sun energizing the air around you was a bit unexpected, though quite welcome, the last time i managed to be outside under those circumstances.

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