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Saturday night

The program we use to compile data started misbehaving last night. I spent an hour or so trying to fix it on my own, and then got somebody else more familiar with the system to try and help, and after 15 or 30 minutes we figured it out and fixed it.

This however made me running very late, but it turns out it didn't matter too much, cause Rhavina and Sarisa had been busy doing something and so Rhavina wouldn't have had much time for driving lessons anyways.

Headed out from work about 9:30 (thats when i got on the freeway i think after getting gas and stopping by del taco's drivethrough to get something to eat on the way) and arrived at their apartment at 10:40. On the way i got to see fireworks, which are _much_ more visible from the 5 than from the 57 which i'm normally on.

So we went to the saturday night dungeon. Apparently one of the reasons they'd moved it there was to try and reduce the number of "normals" showing up, said plan failed miserably (i'm not sure if i count as a normal or not. Probably a half normal i guess?) However it was still fun. There were cute girls there, but i think i was kind of distracted. Was wondering if i could ever convince boston girl to go clubbing, and if i could convince her to go clubbing more than once.

After the place shut down we stopped by Ralphs to pick up some drinks and chips (i got a bottle of the new vanilla coke, which tastes kind of strange, maybe cause i'm not used to the sugar in it anymore) and then went back to Rhavina and Sarisa's apartment. They started up Knight's Tale, and Rhavina gave me a backrub for the first five or ten minutes of it :) We finished the move about five, and i left a little bit later.

Thought about taking a nap, but i think i'll go in straight to work, and try to get everything done as soon as possible. Only got three things left to get done, and then it's all bug fixes. I may even get a little free time today :)

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