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Had to get up really early today. There were some people coming in from another company at work today for some kind of demo thing. Our boss told us that we should all be in by 9:45 in the morning. Ick!!

I got home at about 2:45, and decided to crash on the couch since i have _much_ less trouble getting up in the morning if i'm not in bed. Alarm went off at 8, and i _still_ kept hitting snooze till about 8:30 =P Who knwos when i'd have gotten up if i'd been in bed?

I actually got on the road at 8:45 or 8:50, and was really worried i wouldn't make it in time, but traffic was _amazingly_ clear for rush hour. Maybe cause it was friday and some percentage of people probably took the day off or something? I got into work at about 9:30, and there were lots of other tired people there, though i was probably the tiredest :)

And then our boss didn't start showing the people around until about 11:15 =P

I had an apointment to get my car's oil changed today at two, and was planing to go have sushi for lunch while i waited, but when i got there i found out that they're closed from 2 to 5:30 :( so i went and had lunch at a mexican place instead.

One bit of good news, i'm evil! :) The second refund check for my computer showed up yesterday! So my laptop ended up being just $900! :) I think only one of the two was ever supposed to be active at one time anyways, and neither was supposed to work with an open box set, but the silly Best Buy people attached the UPC code, and so they paid the price *cakles madly*

I'll just try and think of it as making up for other times when i've gotten screwed over by corps. Oh, say, like auto insurance companies. Not that i'm bitter :)

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