DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Little bit of catchup

Okay, stuff is building at the moment.

*tries to remember the stuff he delayed talking about*

Um, um....

Oh, the pakage from my parents finally showed up. Since i asked for lots of older games whose price had gone down i got a lot of them :)

Dragon Warrior VII
RPG Maker
Chrono Cross
Dark Cloud
Spiderman (for GameCube)

also got (yet another :) cute beanie baby cat :)

Actually been gettin an almost decent amount of sleep recently, well teh past few days. Spent the night at work friday night and sunday night cause of the deadline.

I got a letter from my "big" insurance company telling me that the smaller insurance company that i'm subcontracted to has been frozen by the Insurance Comission of whatever state it's in. So it'll be 3-4 months before they decided whether to have them restructure or declare bankruptcy or whatever. In the meantime the big company suggested that everyone should cancel their policies and transfer over to one of their other subsidiaries. So now i need to call them up and deal with that =P

There's probably other stuff i meant to talk about. Hopefully i'll remember it later.
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