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Article on CNN Messages intercepted by U.S. on Sept. 10 revealed

Apparently the NSA picked up a couple of messages hinting about what was going to happen the next day, but they weren't translated for the 12th, which i can understand. However one "lawmaker" tries to explain it by saying "They get tons and tons of information, I don't think people realize how much information our government collects."

Oh good, i feel so much better now. Let me guess, this means that although they won't know tomorrow if someone is planing a terrorist strike today, they _will_ know a week from now if i said anything bad about the Shrub.

Speaking of which, i need to spread the meme. Most people have probably already seen it, but just in case...

Apparently we're no longer allowed to express discontent with our government in a peacefull manner. At least not if it's at some kind of ceremony, because of _course_ decorum takes precedence over the right to free speech.

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