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17 June 2002 @ 07:54 pm
God damn!  
I _finished_ about 90 or 95% of the stuff i was supposed to have done today. I didn't get it done as quick as humanly possible, but it got done, so i was rather happy.

Then people started changing their minds about stuff. We want this to be over here instead of there. We want it to do this instead of that. I thought it sucked having to deal with new art _yesterday,_ but i just got handed my third piece of new art _today_ _after_ the code freeze!

The only good thing is that i seem to be able to work on about 90% less sleep than normal as long as i don't go near any bedlike structures. I got about one hour of sleep last night, and if i sat down on a couch right now i'd probably zonk out for about 10 hours, but as long as i stay away from all soft horizontal surfaces i seem to be doing ok.

There was other stuff i wanted to write about, but i don't have time now, so will have to do it later.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed