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So i've been working on the save game stuff for a lot of the last three or foru days. The idiot programmer who is afraid of sourcesafe originally wrote the stuff, and made it just about all one single thread that handled all aspects of saving.

So it took me several days to first figure out what the hell it was doing, and then pull out some of the embeded bits so it could handle additional functionality. Given the time pressure, my admitedly sometime sloppy coding style, and the mess i had to start with, it wasn't the prettiest looking code, but it worked. It was pretty well organized despite the sloppy look, and it actually had some comments.

Well apparently the original guy got assigned to look at some problems with the PS2 version. There was one or two mistakes in my code (because i can't build PS2, only GameCube) but most of the problems were in the lowlevel memory card managers he was responsible for. He fixed those up and it worked fine. Then, unbenownst to me, he got assigned to fix up a few other details after that, like exactly when and how the text warning messages show up. He checked his changes in this morning. My code has been almost completly removed and repalced with new steamlined and threaded functions. There are _no_ comments anymore. AND THE BLOODY THING DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!

I'm having enough trouble staying focused and getting everything done without having to go back and deal with crap that worked 24 hours ago just fine!

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