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So there's vanora, and there are two cute girls on the east coast.

Logically, things with vanora are going nowhere, but the stubborn part of my brain insists that i keep trying to talk to her every so often.

The girls on the east coast seem like they might be a little bit interested in me. The one from boston in particular seems really interesting and nice and stuff. They're also both 3000+ miles away =/

So i was looking through, and found an interesting profile. A cute girl who sounds like she _might_ be geeky. She's a graphic designer who likes PS2 games.

The romantic side of me wants to wait and see if anything works out with boston girl.

The practical side of me points out that we won't even get to visit each other for at least two months, and when we do there's no telling how things will work out in person, and regardless of how they work out, neither one of us has any plans for moving anywhere anytime soon.

So the romantic says wait, the practical says send messages to local people on personals pages and see what happens, and i don't know what to do.

And then when the romantic and practical get together they suggest that i should try talking to vanora more, since i'm already interested in her and she's actually in the area, but such an unholy union of opposing philosophies is sure to bear bitter fruit.

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