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Well, the good news is that I paid off my cable bill, and canceled service for after this month. One less moving chore to worry about.

I am pissed about work right now though.

Yesterday I found out that some code I had done wasn't quite what Design wanted. What the head designer said he wanted was really complicated, and we emailed back and forth. I CCed some of these emails to my boss, because going back and fixing this might affect my schedule.

Finally, I went up and talked to the head designer, we worked out all the possible problems, and he came up with an idea that solved all the problems, and was really cool to boot. So I go downstairs to start working on it, and find an email from my boss suggesting another method that works almost as well, although it isn't quite as cool.

Both the designer and I answer his email, eplaining the new way, and he responds saying that it sounds like a change from the original specs. This is technically true, but the new version is 95% the same, and the one part that changed is something that simplifies the whole system and makes _sense_!

So last night about 6:00, the head designer comes downstairs and goes into my boss' office, which is right next door to mine, and I could hear them talking about it. I got fed up, and went home since Allyn was urging me to do so anyway, and expected to find disaster this morning.

And indeed, this morning there was an email from the head designer apologizing for me starting work before they nailed down the design, and telling me to go onto my next task.

My boss isn't even on the same project as I am! And furthermore, programming isn't supposed to interfere with design unless it's due to technical feasibility! Design and I are happy with the solution we already had, and he's suggesting something that would be _more_ annoying to do _and_ less elegant!

I hate office politics!

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