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More anime tests

From karanlikmelek

Girls, commence drooling now.

Find out what anime bad boy you are.

"You're most like the futuristic son of Vegeta.

Your intelligent, and very strong. In Trunks' case the apple fell pretty far from the tree...that is he isn't much like his father. Maybe this is the case for you too. Other than that you can fly and blow stuff up by pointing at it. Fun Fun..blah blah"

The deranged inner child in all of us

Find out what anime girl you are.

"The deranged inner child in all of us

Although you are a computer genius, you tend to borderline on cuteness vs. pyschosis. You are energetic, and most likely people have a hard time deciding if they should hug you or slap you."

Sigh, appropriate i guess, though i can think of a lot of characters i'd rather be. Iria, Gally/Alita, Ukyou.


Find out what bishonen you are.


Mixed in your emotions, nothing in your life really seems to matter except for your ideals and dreams..

And of course i really have no idea at all about this last one =)

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