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Yay! Playtime!

Left work at about 6:30 or 6:45 yesterday, _long_ drive to Rhavina and Sarisa's place. Got there about 7:30 or 7:45, and appologized fo being late, but Titania and Rhavina were still working on their papers anyway, so it didn't matter too much =)

They finished that up pretty quickly, and we started gaming! Yay! Gaming!

Since Titania is leaving for study abroad, we decided to fast forward a lot and finish up the campaign/story tonight.

So rather than having to do lots more intelligence work on our own, our contacts happened to let us know that a: our target (Max) was arriving the day before the concert that Titania and i had been dreaming about, and would be staying at the same hotel the night before. We were also told that one of the singers at the concert was a pre-awakened mage being groomed by the Celestial Chorus. (Which i had guessed something along the lines of before after the dream, and asked our contacts about any Celestial Choristers in the area, so getting that tip off probably made sense.)

Among his other tasks in the Technocracy, Maxt was also a recruiter. The Tradiations were pissed with him because one of his recruitment methods was to kidnap Tradition mages and "reeducate" them into good little Techocrats. However he also tried to convince proto-mages to join the Technocracy before their awakening, so we figured he was after the person the Celestial Chorus wax grooming.

For lack of time to come up with anything better, we decided to ambush him in his hotel room. We snuck in the morning before he arrived and i put a correspondence ward around his room, while Titania purt up some magical soundproofing and masked both our wards to keep them from being noticeable.

The ambush never went off. First we found out that the Celstial Chorus had replaced the person we thought Max was after with a dupe. Then our target showed up with an older woman and a young girl. When Titania scanned them the woman was a Sleeper, but the kid was a pre-awakened mage. We called up our boss who made several frantic phone calls before telling us that that could not possibly be the Celstial Chorister, because she had apparently awakened a few days earlier and was off somewhere in safety. Thanks for letting us know that ahead of time guys =P

I had the the hallway in front of Max's suite staked out (12 dice pools of hide are good =) and saw that these people were going into the room with him, which meant we were going to abort the mission. So i decided to be a bit risky and mind probe the girl. Turns out Max had a family who he hadn't visited in a _really_ long time. This drove Rhavina's Euthanatos character up the wall. The mother was actually the conducter for the choir, so apparently although he _was_ there because of the concert, it wasn't because of the Chorister apprentice.

We still wanted a chance to take him out though, and we had had those dreams about the concert, so we decided to attend. Shortly after showing uo, Rhavina's Anita Blake based character noticed that there were several vampires in the audience. About halfway through one of them started using Presence on the audience. Max sent his daughter outside, and then challeneged the vampire. We sent Titania out to keep an eye on the daughter since she's not much good in combat, especially agaisnt vampires.

The vampire was apparently pissed because Max had shut down a theatre that she was going to be performing at. Really petty yeah, but she's a primogen so she can be pitty if she wants i guess. She used Presence to make everyone leave the concert hall, but grabbed our targets wife, and then proceded to feed on her in a very messy manner. The Max tried to stop her, but got dominated. After she finished feeding off of Max's wife (leaving her aliev, but severly wounded and unconscious, yay, no witnesses!) Max managed to break out from the domination and decided to charge.

I wanted to just let Max and the vampies finish each other off, but Rhavina decided that the primogen and her flunkies were the bigger threat, so she opend fire on them. She had swaped out her clip for the one with the hollow point bullets with holy water and silver nitrate in the tips. The first vampire she hit went down with one shot, and died on the second round of combat from the continuing damage. She shot the primogen with her second shot, but didn't do as much damage with that one. I spent the round summoning my katana.

The primogen ordered two of her flunkies to go after Rhavina, not noticing that i was still crouched behind the seats summoning my katana, and the rest to go after Max. The secodn round i popped out and attacked the two vampires who were charging us. I completly wiffed on one, and did a minimal amount of damage on the other which all got soaked. However they were suprised by me and didn't do anything. Rhavina fired her first shot at the primogen, and the second shot at the vampire i'd missed. Max pulled out some kind of weird gun like device, shoved it against one of the campires that was jumping him, and caused it's chest to disinigrate into a smoking chared hole. Apparently he had it set up to correspond to a geosynchronous satelite that was in the sun.

Third round one vampire stuck with me and one rushed on to get Rhavina. Rhavina shot the one charging her, but it then got into melee range, and completly wiffed. I slashed mine up a little bit, and then it wiffed too. Lots of clumsy vampires out there it seems. The primogen fell over and spent some time healing her wounds, and Max got tossed across the stage by the other vampire.

Fourth round the vampire on Rhavina decided that it was _not_ feeling well (at least four agro damage and some lethal as well) and decided to get out of there. Rhavina took the opportunity to fire on the primogen again, but she dodged. I slashed my vampire open, and then Rhavina called out that i should do a headshot, so i tried that with my second strike. Diff 8 with a katana, and i only had four dice after splitting my pool, but i hit anyway. Sarisa said i needed at least two damamge to decapitate him, and i rolled four, and the vampire botched his soak =) Head went flying.

Max decided to spend the round talking into his cellphone, which was really confusing. Then round five started, four MIBs stepped out from behind the curtains, and blew away the vampire that was charging Max. The primogen decided that this was a good time to _leave_. Titania came back in, having kept Max's daughter away from the fight, and offered to heal his wife. Max was relucant to let us help, and then did i mind probe on Rhavina and found out that we were there to try and kill him (not too suprising i'm sure.) So feeling paranoid (can't imagine why) he had his MIBs carry her off to a Technocratic lab or somesuch to get fixed up.

So story was over, we got lots of experience, and i killed a vampire!

Sarisa told us that if Max had gotten killed at any point, his daughter would have managed to show up right at that time, awakened, and turned into a Marauder. So perhaps it's a good thing we didn't go with my idea of letting him and the primogen finish each other off =) I wonder how our plan to assasinate him would have gone anyway given that he had four MIB around. Of course they seem to have an interesting design flaw that they don't actually help unless he calls them on his cell phone.

So we finished up about 3:30 am or so, and i decided to go home and get some sleep and come to work this morning instead of coming back here last night. They offered to let me crash there, but it really isn't any closer to work from there, so i went home anyways.

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