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I forgot to mention it yesterday, but i've got a new DVD. I was doing something Saturday night in another part of the office (eating dinner perhaps? I forget) and when i came back to my desk there was an American Pie 2 DVD sitting on my chair with a post-it from our Producer/liaison with Universal saying "Your turn to win!"

I wonder if he's still doing the pull the name out of the paper bag thing, although i put in a pseudonym, so i don't know how he would have known it was me without me there to tell him. Although a week or two ago he was wandering around asking if anyone knew who was, and nobody was sure, so perhaps he gave up on that idea and just made new slips with our real names on them.

Let's see, i got to work 4pm on Saturday it's now 8 pm on Monday. I got 2 hours of sleep Saturday night, and three hours of sleep last night, and i started off the whole thing with six hours of sleep Friday night. I'm not surprised that i've been drifting off at a couple points today, but i _am_ surprised that it was only a couple of points, and otherwise i've been wide awake.

My body seems to do a fairly good job of just barely getting by on whatever i give it. Each additional amount of sleep i cut out doesn't make me as much more tired as it should. But each additional amount of sleep that i add back doesn't make me as rested as it should either.

Hopefully we'll be done with the burn in another few hours and i can go home and sleep and sleep and sleep =)

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