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I've been downloading a lot of techno the past few weeks, but i didn't realize how much until i transfered it all over to my laptop and made a new playlist on there. Includeding every song in the Techno directory (with the exception of one or two songs i don't like too much, and one or two that got broken before fulyl d/ling) resulted in a _7 hour and 50 minute_ playlist! There 108 songs in the list, and quite a number of them are five minutes long or more.

If i got rid of _all_ the "duplicates," including the different mixes of the same song and such, i _might_ get it down to 7 hours, maybe. However a lot of the different mixes i like all of. So far i've only found one song where the two different versions are similar/identical, and after i double check it i'll get rid of one of the two.

The problem is just about any song or tv show from the 80's has at least one techno song based off of it. Many have multiple different mixes all of which i might want, or at least d/l to listen to before deciding what to keep. And being techno a lot of them have extended, well, techno-y bits that significantly add to the length of the tracks. And all of these tracks are easy to find on P2P programs, and very few of them are blocked, even if the original song it remixes is blocked.

Altogether the techno folder comes out to about 455 megs. The whole Mp3 folder is 1.8 gigs, and i've used up a total of 10 gigs on the 20 gig data partition. Need to buy some CDs and start burning stuff, especially the Final Fantasy episodes.

Oh, and speaking of which, Vanora is still being strange. She'll never initiate conversation with me, but she'll sometimes talk to me for quite awhile if i msg her first, and she's started d/ling Final Fantasy episodes to give to me, and gave me an ftp account on her machine so i could grab them from there.


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