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"Dark threat"

Bush gave a comencement speech at West Point recently. I sure hope the blurbs they gave on CNN are out of context, at least the ones that could be out of context.

"We will lift this dark threat from our country and the world"

Can i sign up for the light and happy threat next time around?

"America has no empire to extend, no utopia to establish."

True, we've already got out empire, now we just need to defend it.

"In defending the peace, we face a threat with no precedent."

Yeah, nobody in the past had to worry about someone killing them for idealistic reasons!

"I am sure wherever we carry it, the American flag will stand not only for power, but for freedom."

Those bloodthirsty writers of the Constitution were always going on and on about power this and power that. It's good that someone finally had the courage to bring up freedom too, even if it was just as an aside.

And CNN added "Bush's other commencement address, to be delivered June 14 at Ohio State University, will deal with volunteerism and other ways to serve beyond the military."

Well i'm glad to know that he'll tell the rest of us slackers how to help out the people who are _really_ important.

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