DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Why aren't i tried?

From now on, perhaps when trysha says i should go to bed and not play any Civ3, i should maybe listen to her =)

I got two hours of sleep Thursday night. Maybe three. (I won't mention the maybe one possibility so as to not get yelled at as much =)

So you'd think that when i got home friday night i would have been dead tired and collapsed into bed right away. In fact, not only did i not collapse, i didn't even feel tired. I started Civ3 at about midnight(?) with the intention of playing an hour or two and then stopping.

I was almost done with pushing back the Americans a reasonable distance and just wanted to grab a few more cities. But then the Aztec had a city in the middle of my territory that i wanted to take/get rid off, and doing so of course caused the Persians to go to war with me. And for some reason the Zulus, who have been medium friendly with me throughout the entire game, and the remains of whose empire was now about 75% surrounded by my teritroy, decided to get into the war on the side of the Aztecs

So after grabbing the Aztec cities i wanted i turned around and swarmed the Zulus. Then i decided that i should try to make everyone friendly so i could assimilate the aquisitions in peace for awhile, In the process of that i discovered that if you are an advanced civilization and have tech that no one else does, then the other civs will just about give you their heads on a platter to get it. If you ask them at least. You'll say you want some resoruce, and they'll ask for three things in return, including the tech they want. But if you turn around and offer the tech and ask them what they'll give you for it, they toss in everything and the kitchen sink. And of course you can do this with every other civ in the same turn. I doubled my treasurey _and_ my income for the next 20 turns just by trading one tech to everyone, and it was one that was about two or three techs back for me =)

And then i realized that it was almost 7 in the morning =/

I went to bed and got to sleep about 7, and got up at 1 in the afternoon.

Took a shower, dropped rent checks off at the office, and stopped by Costco to get gas and some food. I'm wearing fairly light shorts today, so of course i managed to drip some berry juice and some ketchup/mustard on them =P Just two small spots, but still annoying.

Now i'm going to be at work all weekend because of the big deadline on monday =P

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