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30 May 2002 @ 03:08 am
Deja Vu  
Was driving home today at about 12:30.

A couple weeks ago i mentioned a big accident on the opposing lanes of the 57 while i was driving home. Well as i passed the big construction site, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the flashing lights of a dozen or so emergency vehicles.

Almost the _exact_ same place, with yet another huge backup. This time it went about two miles back, but that's kinda misleading because for the last 3/4 or a mile of it (or first 3/4 of a mile for the traffic that was running into it) was construction and the freeway had been reduced to one lane. But that's still over a mile of totally stopped traffic. I wonder if there's something peculiar about that spot that invites accidents late at night, or if it's just a really strange coincidence.