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I fell asleep about midnight last night, and got up at eight, so i got a full eight hours of sleep!

I got to Best Buy just as they were opening and went in and talked to the computer manager. He said that my rain check guaranteed the same price on the next model, so if i waited for them to get the A53 in stock i could get it for the same price. Given that it's got a one inch smaller screen that didn't seem like such a great deal. I asked him about the A49 they had on display though. He said if they still had all the software and stuff, then he could sell it to me.

He went back into the storeroom, and came back about give minutes later. He said that they didn't have the box or manuals, but they had all the software. Since it was unboxed they took 20% off the _rebated_ price. That means it started out at 1699, with rebate it was 1499, i'm going to be paying $1189. (Those are all pre tax and warranty and stuff of course) Who reads the manuals anyways? =)

They're doing the reinstall of the original software right now and running some diagnostics, if all goes well i can pick it up tonight or tomorrow morning =)

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