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I only spent about five or six hours at E3 today, an i'm not really planning on going back. Can't really aford to take that much time off work, and i figure i've already seen enough stuff.

Looked at all the Nintendo stuff, looked at some of the Sony stuff, including Square, which for the first time that i know of did not have it's own booth. Presumably because of the big stock buyout Square had a corner of Sony's booth for a big Kingdom Hearts display. Wandered through the Microsoft section and growled. Microsoft logos were _all_ over the place. I ended up carrying all my stuff by hand, because almost all the bags avaialble had big XBox logos on them.

Looked at the EA section, and saw a big demo thing being done for C&C Generals, which was depressing. Working where i an is ok, but i still wish that i hadn't gotten laid off. Saw our kiosk at the Vivendi Universal booth.

There were lots of cure girls there. There were also a lot of booth babes. The booth babes weren't really cute, just sexy. They were okay eye candy, but although i don't know the exact statistics, i figure that most or all of them are just actors who were hired because they have sexy bodies. Female attendees however gain several levels of cuteness just for being there. And besides, a cute girl in jeans and a tank top is far more attractive than a sexy girl in a fur lined leather bikini carrying a sword.

I didn't get very much stuff, however the whole time i'd seen people wandering around with inflatable swords that i wanted to know where they got them, but never pulled aside anyone to ask. However just before i left i wandered through the Working Designs booth to see what one of the lines was for, and that's where the swords were! I got in line, and waited for about fifteen minutes. It was one of those game ones, there was one of those glass box full of stuffed animals with a claw thing to grab them type games. All the toys were stuffed Magical Ninja Goemons. If you successfully grabbed one you got a doll, and whether you grabbed one or not you got the inflatible sword (it's a Growlancer II/III sword) and deck of cards. I managed to grab a doll, though i didn't care too much since it was the sword i really wanted, so i was happy.

As i was walking out a cute girl pointed at me, or rather my sword, and said "i want one of those," to the guy she was with. I hesitated, and she asked me where i got it. I told her it was the Working Designs booth and told her where it was. I might have tried to talk to her more if she hadn't been there with a guy.

Getting home sucked. LA traffic sucks. Their freeway organization and signage sucks. I was driving towards the 110, wanting to go north. A sign said south was left lane, north was right lane, so i got in right lane. There was an onramp on the left for the southbound, but i didn't see anything on the right. We passed under the freeway, and i wondered if i'd missed it, but then i saw a sign that said the 110 and the 10 were ahead, so i kept driving. A few blocks later i saw a sign that said the 10 was to the left, and said nothing about the 110. A few more blocks later and i still hadn't seen anything about the 110, so i turned right, and turned right again a block or two later to head back towards the freeway.

I saw the freeway ahead, and the different direction lanes split off from each other. The right lanes did a twist or two, and i saw a sign saying northbound 110 was the left lane, so i got in the left lane. As we turned the curve, i saw another lane or two of cars merging in, and a sign saying that the 110 northbound was the _right_ lane. I almost started moving over again before i noticed a sign indicating an onramp on the left before the lanes merged. Although i can kind of understand the reason for the organization, it was still confusing, and i wonder why that street had two onramps when the previous street i'd been on seemed to be missing its =)

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