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I need to get up early tomorrow.

Why do i need to get up early tomorrow? To beat the LJ client over the head with a baseball bat! No wait, that wasn't it, though that might be fun and productive =)

I'm going to E3 tomorrow!!!!

Normally i go on saturday, and i was thinking that this year it would be doubly usefull, because i have to drive home through Pasadena from LA, so i could ask Vanora and see if she wanted me to stop by or pick her up and do something that evening.

However this year they decided to move the whole conference up by a day. Why? Apparently because of the Memorial Day weekend, or at least that's the best explanation i've heard. I don't understand _why_ though. I suppose if you flew out friday night as soon as it closed you might make it home in time to get some sleep and do some kind of vacation plans for the weekend, but it wouldn't be very pleasant.

On the plus side, i originally had plans to do some shopping with Morna tomorrow night, but i was worried about getting home in time. However if i go to E3 tomorrow (instead of friday like i was originally thinking when i heard about the change) then i can just go straight home and see Morna =)

Yay! E3 and seeing Morna both in the same day!

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