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This is strange

I'm playing backgamon with trysha and we've discovered that the chat program has built in censoship.

If you say a "bad" word, it replaces it with @@@.

So what are "bad" words? Well some of them make sense (assuming you're into censorship of course):

fuck, shit, pussy, cunt, cock. cum

Some of them are stretching it a bit, but okay

penis, vagina, blow, suck, lick, fuk, lik

And some are just outright stupid:

And the word that first clued us in, _like_ is blocked out! And from extension above, sucked and sucky

And then there are the ones that they should have blocked if they're going to be that silly about it.

crap, dick, breasts, tits, boobs, sex, snatch, fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation, kiss, come, orgasm, sperm, lic, dik

Any other obvious possibilities i'm forgetting about?

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