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Okay, dealing with Fry's has _not_ been going well.

Well technically the people i'm having trouble with right now aren't Fry's, they're which is what Fry's sells stuff online through. I'm not exactly sure how the two are related.

In any case, Vanora and i were looking at the webpage to look up some stats about the computer I'd ordered, and we noticed that it now had a "Product Currently Unavailable" marking on it. I don't remember seeing it when i ordered mine, but it's pretty unobtrusively placed.

So i've been anxiously waiting for word that they shipped it out. Well this evening i got an email from them. It wasn't exactly a good email. Apparently the bank didn't like the address i gave them or something, so i get to try and call them up tomorow and straighten everything out. Howeer the wording is strange, scary, and ammusing.

We released your order, however your bank returned the order to our system because the address did not match what they have on file for the account number you provided. Please contact our customer service department to clarify the information."

You "released" my order? What the _hell_ does that mean?

*releases the order* Run free little order! Run free!... Oh no! Watch out for that bank! Run order! Run! *crunch crunch* Ewwwwwwwww! That's not right!

*hopes he can get this straightened out fairly easily and get his laptop*

Hmmm, also hoping that i get to go home soon. I actually got three hours of sleep last night, but after seven hours saturday night and one hour friday night i'm starting to feel a bit whacked.

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