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Computer stuff

So yesterday morning i stopped by Best Buy to see if they'd gotten the computer i had a raincheck for yet. No such luck. I asked them if they had and FXA49s at this point, since i was getting tired of waiting and figured i might just give into getting the $200 more model, however they didn't have any of those either. (My raincheck is for an FXA48)

So for lunch i drove out to the Best Buy near here and checked there. No A48s, no A49s. I asked if there were any Best Buys nearby that had any in stock. They said a Best Buy five miles up the road had had one that morning. I went there, and it had been sold. I was also told that the A49 had been discontinued, but that they were getting a shipment of stuff that evening and there might be some A48s in it, so i could try calling back after 7.

The one good thing out of the trip was that i thought to check the CD section at the first Best Buy, and they had Vapor Trails there! *bounce bounce bounce!*

However after i got back to work i though to check the web and see what Fry's had at the moment. I was suprised to see that they had A49s on their website, and for $150 cheaper than Best Buy. When i'd checked a couple of days earlier they'd been at the same price.

So i tried calling Fry's at about 7:30, and asked if they had any A49s. They said the computer departments lines were all busy, and did i want to hold? I said i would hold the person on the phone said "Please hold" and put me on hold. After about five minutes they picked up the phone again and said all the lines were still busy, and did i want to stay on hold? I said yes, they said "Please hold." and put me on hold. At this point i was getting annoyed at the "please hold" after every time i said i wanted to wait on hold. The third or fourth time, after about 15 or 20 minutes, i was told that all the lines were _still_ busy, and would i like to leave them my name and number so they could get back to me? I decided to do that so i could get back to work.

About thirty or forty minutes later i figured they were _not_ going to call back, so i tried calling them again. Repeat previous scenario for another twenty or thirty minutes, until i got frustrated and basically todl the phone person that the computer department was a bunch of incompetents.

So this morning i tried calling again, and this time i got through. They didn't have any A49s. Took about 30 seconds to look this up and tell me. So i tried calling the other nearby Fry's. Wash, rinse, repeat.

So now i went to the website and ordered it off there. Since i went with the standard shipping it didn't cost anything extra, but i probably won't see the thing till the end of next week.

And for anyone who cares, the only difference between the A48 and A49 is RAM, For $50 more i'm getting 256 megs more of memory.

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