DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Star Wars (with spoilers)

And in case you missed the subject _and_ the cut message. This contains spoilers.

(spoiler space)

Just got back from the Star Wars movie, it was fairly good, certainly far better than the Phantom Menace.

The bad parts however:

The actor who played Anakin did not totally suck as some reviews i've read make it out to be. He just sucks in all the romance segments. He actually did a reasonable job at all the teen angst, whiny "I'm better than all of them and they don't give me the respect i deserve" segments.

C3PO and R2D2. A whole list could be made in itself of all the continuity problems this brings up with the "later" films. And to add to it, C3PO keeps making horrible puns.

Anakin's mom's death. She held on for a whole bloody month just to die a minute after he rescued her, for no particular reason? I'm not willing to believe that pure willpower could have held her out for that long, especially when she had no real reason to suspect that there might be rescue, just to give out when she's in his arms finally. She could have been killed while they were trying to escape. He could have taken her back home where she dies a day later. Just about anything else would have been more reasonable.

And where are all the jedi? There are like 100 or 200 that show up when Mace Windu (sp) brings "all the remaining jedi" on the rescue mission. Apaprently 10,000 systems is a large enough number to be concerned about, but still only a fraction of the Republic. So the whole thing must be at least 100,000 systems. If you figure an average of 1 billion people a system (Coruscant must have at least 100 billion people, Tatoine has maybe a dozen or so million?) that would be a total population of 100 trillion. So unless what he really meant was "all the jedi" "all the jedi on Coruscant," being a jedi is about one in one trillion odds. Of course even if it's only Coruscant it's still one in one billion odds. That's not enough to be an army certainly, but it's not even enough to "enforce the peace."

And perhaps most jarring, all the references to the first three Star Wars films which seemed really forced and desperate. A few of these were visual (including the Death Star at the end) but a lot more were certain phrases and sentences being used with just a few words changed. It would flash me back to the similar scene from the other movies and break me out of things for a second. It was if after the criticism that the Phantom Menace didn't seem like a Star Wars movie Lucas wanted to forcibly keep us convinced that this was indeed related to the movies that everyone liked.

What i did like: the irony of the jedi being rescued by Storm Troopers. The jedi were handed the instrument of their own destruction, and choose to activate it. Even though they had no real choice given the circumstances it is a very dark twist.

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