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15 May 2002 @ 09:08 pm
The walkman cd player i bought when i first got to college has just about finished falling apart. The cd player itself began having some problems a year or two ago, however every time i took it apart and put it back together again it would work for awhile longer.

About two or three months ago even that stopped working. I may try taking it apart again and fiddling with it more than usual, but i suspect that even if that works it won't work for long.

I kept using the headphones though, i have them plugged into my computer since i don't have speakers here, and even if i did i wouldn't want to annoy everyone else with my music. (At Westwood i had speakers, but had an office mate so i used them there too)

Now the foam on the left earphone has disintigrated. About a week ago i noticed it getting thin and starting to tear along the top, and after that it progressed pretty quickly. Today i finally tore the rest of the foam off because the tattered remnants were getting in the way more than doing any good.

Guess i need to get a new one.

I remember walking to Target the first week or two of my freshman year at college and buying it and my first couple of Rush CDs. (It was a long walk, especially since i was new to the area and got started going down the wrong street and ended up going the wrong way for awhile before i figured it out) I didn't really bother with buying music until i got to college. Always just settled for listening to the radio. I'd heard some Rush before then and knew i liked it but hadn't gotten around getting any of it yet. One of the many things i'd been waiting for college to do.
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