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Got to bed at about 3 last night. Got up at about 8:15 because i had an apointment to go talk to some insurance people in San Bernadino about the accident a friend of mine had at a club a year or so ago.

I got started late and ended up getting there at about 9:20. The guy asked mea lot of questions and recorded the answers for about 20 minutes. He gave me a buisness card as i left because one of the people who was there hadn't contacted him, and he wanted me to see if i could get ahold of them.

As i walked out of the office there was a cute girl standing in the recption area. She actually smiled at me as i walked past. I was trying ot pull out my wallet so i could put the buisness card away and it hooked on my comb which fell out. She picked up the comb and handed it to me, and if i was an intelligent person i would have thought of something more to say to her than "thanks," but i'm not.

Did a complicated little zigzagy drive after that to get to work. I stopped by Burger King on the way to work, but i only had $3 in my wallet, so all i could get was a whopper. I still got into work about fifteen minutes early despite everything. Of course i'd rather have gotten more than five horus of sleep.

(Edit: Cute firls? I don't know _what_ you're talking about! =)

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