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Bah, stressful weekend.

I stayed overnight at work friday so i could leave early on saturday. I got started home about a half hour after i'd originally planed, and then got stuck in traffic.

When i got home Shawkial and Gwri had disapeared. I went to pick up some packages that were at the manager's office. I wanted to finish off the Anita Blake book i was on because i wanted to give it back to Morna. I wasn't going to get to see her fo as long as we'd originally planed, and i felt bad about it.

However that took about fifteen or twenty minutes more than i planed, and so i took a really quick shower and got to the mall just before Morna left.

She suggested that we could take ten or fifteen minutes to go get a drink since i was already running late anyway. I called Vanora and let her know that i'd be a little late, and then Morna and i went and got some diet cokes. We sat and talked about the Anita Blake books and other random things. *sigh* Morna is way too pretty. After about fifteen minutes we finished up, and then i started heading over to Vanora's place.

However i didn't get very far before i got stuck in traffic _again_ Finally got to Vanora's at about five, and appologized for being late. She grabbed her new laptop and we headed of for DVDPlanet. There was some more traffic along the way, but we managed to dodge most of it. I think it was the 605 that we merged onto right at the point where an accident had happened, so we spent about two or three minutes getting around it, instead of who knows how long everyone else who had been on the freeway the whole time spent.

We got to DVDPlanet and bth started stocking up on stuff. I ended up with the Maze boxed set, two Kenshin DVDs, two Ceres DVDs, Mini-goddess #2, Bastard, a Nadia DVD, Night on the Galactic Railroad,, the first Beast Wars DVD, and Disney's Atlantis. I also bought Vanora a copy of the new Hitchhiker's Guide DVD as a birthday present =)

We went home and stopped by Best Buy on the way back. We looked at all the laptops and stuff, and talked about them and Vanora helped me figure out which one i wanted to get. Unfortunatly they didn't have any more of it =( So now i've got a raincheck and they'll theoretically let me know when the next one comes in.

We went home and Vanora hooked up her laptop to the TV and showed me some of the anime she had on there, including the first episode of the new Tenchi series. Then she watched one of the DVDs that she'd bought. Wwe had thought about getting some dinner, but instead just ended up having ice cream =)

After that we watched some Kenshin, but i started falling asleep during the second episode. I'd given her a backrub or two earlier in the evening, and she'd mentioned at the time that they work better when she was lying down. I started to rub her back again after we'd shut off the tv, and she rolled over on her stomach, which is about the most encouraging she's ever been.

I rubbed her back for about ten or fifteen minutes, and would have been happy to keep going forever, but i told her that she should tell me to stop at some point. I meant because if she didn't, i probably _would_ kep going until i collapsed form ehaustion, however as soon as i said it she said i should probably go to bed cause i was tired. I wonder if the results would have been any different if i'd said that she should tell me when she thought her back had been rubbed enough or something like that?

I went to bed and got up early the next morning because while driving around yesterday i had heard on the radio that tickets for the Rush concert went on sale sunday morning. I got up about 8:30 or 9:00 and checked online and found out that you can buy them through ticketmasters website, so i didn't need to drive anywhere. I bought one pair of tickets, but they were in the third of three sections of seats for that venue. The FAQ had mentioned that better seats sometimes show up a little bit after the sale starts because people who were looking at a set of seats right at the begining might decide not to buy them. I ended up finding a second pair of seats that were in the middle section, so i bought those as well. So i have a spare pair of tickets now that i need to get rid of. However if my sister is still interested in Rush, her birthday is coming up in a few weeks =)

Vanora had woken up before i got up, and said it wasn't because of me. (My alarms have woken up Shawkial and Gwri before, so they probably would have been clearly audible from the living room.) We finished off the Kenshin, and then watched the entire Serial Experiments Lain series.Oh, and we got dinner at Del Taco somewhere in there =)

I asked Vanora if she wanted another backrub, and she gave her usual infuriating answers. "Do you want a backrub." "Eh, whatever." "Would that bother you?" "Eh, whatever." *tenatively rub* "How's that" "Eh." "Should i stop?" "Eh, whatever." *grumbles*

After we finished Lain i started some laundry and we watched Atlantis. Just as we put Atlantis in Shawkial and Gwri go home. Apparently she had been visiting home for wedding related stuff. We watched Atlantis, and then Vanora decided she wanted to see some of Nadia since people have accused Disney of ripping off elements of it for Atlantis.

We got two episodes through that before Vanora decided that she should head home. I changed into clubbing clothes because i had plans with people in LA afterwords, and drove Vanora back home.

I got to the club where i was meeting people about 11:30 and found people pretty quickly. Rhavina and Sarisa and Titania were there, and a friend of theirs too. About 1:30 they decided to head off to go get some food and i decided to go with them. We went to Denny's and ate and talked for awhile, and then i went with them to see Rhavia and Sarisa's new apartment. It's _much_ larger than their old apartment. For that matter, their living room is at least twice the size of their old apartment. They're quite happy with it. I sat and talked with people for awhile, and then headed home at about 3 or 3:30.

When i got home i stayed up playing TKEP and reading till about 6 or 6:30. I still had a bunch of clean laundry sitting on my bed and didn't want to bother moving it at that point, so i just crashed on the couch. I also figured that i'd be more likely to wake up if i wasn't in bed. I slept perfectly comfortably, but luckily the window by the couch was open, and i got woken up in the morning by garbage trucks or something driving around outside. (I'd had an alarm set too, but it was nice that i didn't need it)

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