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10 May 2002 @ 12:38 am
People people people  
I finished off the fifth or sixth Anita Blake book last night and got 60 pages into the next one.

I got up at about 9:30 and kinda half dozed in bed till 10:00.

I had been planing on going to Best Buy to look at the computer, and i almost reconsidered since i was getting a medium late start, but decided to go anyway.

They had the chear $1400 laptop there, and a really cool $2100 laptop. I've been oscilating between which one to get all day today. For awhile i was leaning towards the $2100 one, because if i got it i wouldn't need to get a desktop for awhile. Now i'm leaning towards the $1400 one because the $700 difference would be most of a decent desktop.

I talked to one of the cool east coast people for a lot today =) The other cool east coast person never showed up online =(

Then Vanora showed up online, and although i had to talk to her first she was quite talkative (for her) after that. She said she was interested in going DVD shopping saturday afternoon if i came and picked her up. She actually gave a time and a place, so i think i'll actually get to see her.

However Morna also wanted to go shopping on saturday, and she doesn't get off work till 3, so if i do that with her first Vanora and i would be getting started in the evening, not the afternoon =/

And then on sunday i'm supposed to get together with Titania and Rhavina and Sarisa to do gaming and go clubbing.

The only reason that this is all even remotely feasible is that we've been given sunday off since it's mother's day. Other than calling my mom in the morning i don't have much else to do for it.

Then this evening someone who i'd thought had stopped talking to me suddenly sent me email out of the blue. I was just one of the people in a group emailing, but i'm glad she thought of me all the same.

And i talked to Morna and Allyn and Rhavina all on IM today as well as the cool east coast girl, and Gloyryn on IRC. I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed by people i think.

I want to spend time with everyone. Each of the three people (or groups of people) i have plans with is worth spending the whole weekend with by themsleves, but i don't have three weekends, i have about one and a half days.

I feel really dumb agonizing between Morna and Vanora. They're both friends, but deciding how much time to spend with each shouldn't hurt this much. One of them isn't interested in me, and the other never will be interested in me again.

Feel so tired...
Current Mood: tiredtired
Silverhawksilverhawk on May 10th, 2002 12:52 pm (UTC)
and you're being very silly and forgeting to use the alternate names.
DonAithnendonaithnen on May 10th, 2002 01:17 pm (UTC)
Ooops! Thank you. Was it just the one spot? *doesn't see any others*

So what type of computer do you think i should get? =)