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08 May 2002 @ 10:33 pm
Finished burn last night, and went home at about 2:30.

Got home about 3:00, and thought about going to bed. However when Vanora was visiting on Sunday she'd brought over (made there?) some chocolate cheesecake, and she'd made sure that a piece got saved for me. I wanted to make sure i ate it before it went bad, so i decided to have it before i went to sleep. Yes, thats bad for my metabolosim, but i don't care, i wanted to eat Vanora's cake perfore i had to throw it out.

I read some while i did that, and of course once i'd started i kept reading even after i was done eating =) I'd been kind of tired on the drive home, but as soon as i got there i was suddenly less tired. =P I think i finally stopped reading and fell asleep at about 4.

Unfortunatly my brain had been confused enough when i was setting my alarms that i accidently set one for 10pm instead of 10am, and the other, which has been broken since before daylight savings time so that you can't change the time, i accidently set an hour behind instead of an hour ahead.

So the next morning i woke up about 10:45, about 15 minutes before i was theoretically suppoed to be at work. I was mildly annoyed, but didn't care too much. As long as you don't make a habit of showing up late they don't really care. Actually they don't even care if you make a habit of it if the reason was becuase you were working till four or five in the morning =)

I stopped by Del Taco on the way to work and got there at about 12:30. I was still feeling a little bit guilty until i saw one of my fellow programmers walking into the office as i pulled up =)