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I made the mistake of starting to read last night. I stayed up till about 2:15 reading, silly me =)

I got up at about 7:15, and didn't feel that sleepy. I did about 50k on TKEP, but they didn't hit 1 GD before i had to go take a shower and leave.

I went to Robinsons May and opened an account with Morna and dropped off one of the Anita Blake books i'd finsiehd with her. Well actually since i still have a key to her car i just stuck it in there =)

When i got to work they were still 30,000 away from 1 GD, so i didn't miss out on it =)

I'm actually starting to feel tired now since it's the afternoon. Of course by the time i go home i'll probably be wide awake again =)

And i got assigned a last minute task that i need to figure out and get done before todays build *grumble*
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