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Okay, i got up at about 11 or noon sunday morning. Got to work at 3:30. Was up working and playing until about 7:30, at which point i fell asleep for a _half hour._

Okay, was feeling really tired in the afternoon, and at one point i think i might have dozed off for five or ten minutes.

However then as usual the evening came, and i started getting more and more awake.

By the time i headed home at 10:30 i was doing great, and felt up to have a snack with Morna at Denny's.

It's 1:15 now, and i feel like staying up for another hour or two at _least._

I'm hoping that when i go into my bedroom and lie down that my body will come to it's senses.

I suppose i'll get yelled at if i mention my plans to get up early to be there when TKEP hits 1G =)

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