DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Last night

I left work about 10:30.

On the 57 the traffic started slowing down a little bit, although in retrospect, not as much as i would have expected.

Up ahead i could see a _lot_ of flashing lights on the other side of the freeway. Traffic slowed down a little as we drove by, so i took a brief look to the side. One glance showed several smashed up cars. It was dark though, and just a quick glance, so i have no idea how many cars there were before or after it, or that were in the middle of the freeway or on the right shoulder (the ones i saw were in the carpool lane against the left railing, which is why i could see them)

There were a _lot_ of emergency vehicles, more than i could count at a glance. More than three or four firetrucks, and i'm not sure how many cop cars or ambulances because the large firetrucks tended to draw the eye.

So right after (from my perspective) the accident there are a whole bunch of cars piled up. In fact, i glanced over again about a half mile later, and it looked like a lot of people had turned their cars _off_, and i saw some people who had gotten out of their cars and were sitting on the hoods and stuff.

A mile or two later and cars were just begining to hit the parking lot area, and were still going really slow even past that.

Because i was still hoping to drive Vanora down to Fry's the next day *bitter laugh* i decided i should get some gas. And as long as i was going by that area and it was before midnight i figured i should stop by Albertsons and use the ATM since i'd just run out of cash that day.

It had been a _long_ time since i'd been to the ATM. Spending all my time at work and having a lot of my meals provided for me meant that i wasn't spending much money on food, so however much i'd gotten out of the ATM the last time had lasted quite awhile. And since i switched over to direct deposit i don't need to stop by to deposit my paychecks either.

I went in and put my card into the ATM machine and noticed a penny on the floor, so i picked it up. I thought in a silly mood that maybe the balance on my checking account would be pretty big. I'd gotten at least two paychecks since the last time i'd checked.

It must have been at _least_ two paychecks, and i think maybe the IRS has already deposited my tax refund, because i was _not_ expecting five figures. It was just barely five figures, but still.

I suppose this means that i should start sending some money off to my parents to pay them back. I may wait a little bit though, having that much money all at once is kind of fun =) Of course if i do end up buying a new computer it won't stay that way.

I started reading a new Anita Blake book when i got home, but i fell asleep pretty soon after finishing only about 30 pages.

Despite the fact that i'd only gotten three hours of sleep the night before i spontaneously woke up a lot during the night. I seem to remember seeing my clock at two something in the morning, and four something, and seven something. Despite all that i felt really rested when i got up. It's always the nights where i wake up the most that i feel the best in the morning.

I also remembered some of my dreams because of waking up so much. They're pretty hazy now, but most of them seemed to involve being continuously late for things. I was always panicking in the dreams because i'd suddenly realize that there was someplace else i was supposed to be six hours before. Or i'd know that i was late and i'd be frantically trying to finish something up that i needed to do first.

I finally woke up and stayed awake about 11 or noon, and got another 100 pages read before i left for work.

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